Factors that can affect the Value of your House Adversely

When you set out to sell your home, you definitely want to sell it for the highest sale price possible, unless you are compelled to compromise by a number of factors. Even then, there are some issues which when not taken care of well in advance will generally affect the value of your house.

webuyanyhouse_587Some of the factors that can drive down the value of your house especially if you are selling online are as follows:

  • Home improvements without planning permission – Some home improvements and extensions that are likely to have a major effect on the price of when you are selling your house. The legal issues arising from this development will then become the responsibility of the new owner. Thus, you need to keep in mind that planning permission applies to the majority of house extensions even though there are some exceptions.
  • Nuisance neighbours – Living close to a nuisance neighbourhood has great potential of reducing the value of homes by a significant amount. Thus, neighbours who intimidate residents, cause excessive noise, create graffiti or even engage in criminal damage usually give the whole neighbourhood a bad reputation that is likely to discourage prospective buyers from viewing and eventually buying the property.
  • High crime levels – If the rate of crime within your location is reported to be high then chances are the value of your property will be affected. Generally, when crime rates are higher than normal then prospective investors are likely to avoid your property. However, this can be countered through the formation of neighbourhood watch schemes and improving security measures. These can mean a more positive house valuation.
  • The presence of poorly performing schools in the area where your property is located can also affect the value of your property negatively. In most cases, poor results will deter parents who have school going children from buying property in a given area. This reduced demand will have inevitable consequences on the value of property in the area.
  • A bad history is also another reason that will reduce the value of your home. There are certain things that are out of control for the property owners yet they have a direct impact on the value of your home. This may range from the property having been a scene of crime or other unwanted history. Unfortunately, there is usually very little that you can do to avoid this kind of reputation.
  • Poor maintenance of property. A house that is not properly maintained is definitely a turn off for buyers. You need to ensure that your property’s kerb appeal is impressive. That is, make sure that you have a lasting first impression. When you create a great first impression, for buyers from the moment they arrive then chances are they will also have a positive impression of your property.

Ultimately, when you set out to sell your property, you need to put yourself in the position of the buyer and try to answer to all those things that would turn you off if you were buying the property. This way, you will be able to get your property ready for buyers to view and purchase.